Current Foods

Frequently Asked Questions

A medley of earthly ingredients combined with 20+ years of food science experience.

Bamboo + Potato = Texture

Radish + Tomato = Color

Algae + Peas = Omega 3s,  Ocean Flavor, & Protein Power

So you’re a devout omnivore, a perennial pescatarian, or fluid flexitarian? Current Foods was made with you in mind. We do one better than making plant-based seafood. We make seafood that just happens to be made entirely from plants. No compromises on taste, texture, and nutrition density. Bonus: also, no mercury or microplastics, so you could technically have sushi, poke, and ceviche everyday if you wanted…

Ultimately, seafood optionality is the goal. Sometimes you want the traditional stuff. Sometimes you want some plant-based pizazz that’s one better than carrot ‘salmon’ or beet ‘poke’. Current Foods has got you covered. We’re the new school of fish.

Current Foods tastes like a bite of the ocean. Current Tuna and Current Salmon go toe-to-toe with their traditional counterparts on taste, texture, and nutritional density, while being made entirely from plants. At Current Foods, we also skip the microplastics, mercury, and pesticides.

Current Foods doesn’t just look good. It tastes good. And, it’s good for you to boot.

Every 3oz serving of a Current Foods’ Tuna contains:

  • 25% your DV of Iron for energy & focus
  • 40% your DV of Vitamin B12 for healthy cells
  • 70mg+ of Omega-3 brain fuel
  • <100 calories
  • No cholesterol
  • No mercury
  • No microplastics

To catch the Current out in the wild, head on over to the Current Foods store locator to find restaurants and grocers who have Current Foods on their menu.

First off, congrats on the growing family! Secondly, let the good times roll, because more good news: Current Foods is fair game during your pregnancy. The new school of fish is made entirely from plants, and does not contain any of the parasites, bacteria, or mercury that make traditional raw fish a no-go. With Current Foods, sushi night is back on. Fish(less) freedom for all.

Algae is the fuel that makes the ocean go ’round. Fish eat algae. It’s this algae that gives them their omega-3 nutrition and ocean flavor. Current Foods takes you direct to the source. All the taste, all the nutrition, without the fishy middlemen.

Current Foods products are ready-to-eat and best served chilled. Our seafood made from plants plays well with any dish that you would use high-quality fish for.  Slice, season, and serve however your heart (and stomach) desires. 

Current Foods is made without gluten, milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy.

It is, however, made with a medley of earthly ingredients combined with 2 years of imaginative food science R&D!

Yes! All Current Foods products are plant-based and vegan. That said, whether you’re a veteran vegan, fluid flexitarian, or devout omnivore, we’ve created Current Tuna and Current Salmon to impress. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve had fish. Perhaps you had a filet for dinner last night. In either case, Current Foods will delight.

Yes, all of our products are free of gluten containing ingredients!